This time last year we were returning from a cruise to North Cape, a journey I had wanted to make for many years, feeling that the sad year we had had so far had taken a turn for the better. There had been sudden deaths and various sadnesses culminating with the news of the miscarriage of our third grandchild a few weeks before we went away.

JW and I had booked in for medical checkups, expecting everything to be fine especially for JW who hardly ever needed to visit the doctor, so it came as a terrible shock when he found that his PSA was very high and he was referred to the Urologist, and subsequently found that he had prostate cancer. He had had no symptoms, so it came completely out of the blue. Fortunately everything was managed efficiently and he had superb treatment both at Velindre Hospitaland our own GP surgery and he was told recently by his consultant that his PSA was now under .1%. Of course it will be monitored for a few years yet but they are very optimistic on a full recovery.

We had also booked in for eye tests and once again got a nasty surprise when they told him that he had a pre glaucomic condition. This too was treated efficiently, (thank goodness for the NHS or we would be bankrupt by now.) Over the past year he has been magnetised, radioactivated and lasered. We hope that is the end of it for now.:)

The good news started in August when GG’s sister had a safe delivery and Miss M entered our lives. In the Autumn GG and Jennie first announced that they were expecting a baby, and then had an offer on their house which had been on the market more than a year and immediately found their dream house. Everything went smoothly and they moved in in February, and then our beautiful grand daughter was safely delivered in May and enchants us more every time we see her.

Our elder grandson has got into the high school of his choice, so another worry gone.

I hope I am not tempting the evil ones but things really do seem to have turned around at last.