JW and I have had a year dominated by hospital appointments, both JWs own and those of the frail neighbour he helps, and at last we have spaces on the calendar, so, spurred on by what feels like incessant rain over the last three months, we have booked a cruise in November in the hopes of seeing some sunshine before the winter sets in.:)

It is an act of faith, first that no more nasties lurk in the medical undergrowth and second that we will not be called upon by Mr Cameron to give our services (free gratis of course to help our country)

A few months ago when large cuts were announced for the Police Force, the officers who were handed their P45s one day received letters soon afterwards asking if they would like to use their years of experience on a voluntary basis as “Specials”

Recently when the cuts to the Armed Forces was announced we were told that the TA would be enlarged to fill the gap. There was no mention of where these TAs were being recruited from and, with the best will in the world, how many bosses can afford to give staff the time off for training and possibly a whole year off for overseas service?

I am waiting for them to invite retired nurses and midwives to return to work in order to save the NHS wages bill. I don’t think I would be very happy working to the orders of beaurocrats and spending my time coping with the mountain of paperwork!

JW is thinking he will have to brush up on his tractor driving skills and wondering whether he could bear to work on one of the highly mechanised dairy units…..he used to know all his cows by name.

No, I think we will stick to our holiday plans and even if it continues to rain we are going on a boat so we don’t even have to build our own Ark. 🙂