We arrived at Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 7.30am. Another warm, sunny day. Tenerife is the largest in the archipelago. Homer said that the Canaries are a kingdom where winter does not exist. It is also where Lord Nelson lost his right arm in a night action off Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is the island’s capital and we had planned to go on the “hop on, hop off” buses, but our plans were foiled when my back seized up at breakfast! I had been fine when I went in but could barely stand when I tried to leave. JW  had to borrow a wheelchair from the medical centre to take me back to the cabin. We made an appointment to visit the Spa for a massage from the lovely Luiza.

Luiza gave me a very good massage with aromatic oils and loosened up the muscles which had been in spasm. She also showed JW how to massage and gave him a bottle of the oil.

I took advantage of the cabin service and had lunch in the cabin and, dosed up with aspirin, I was able to walk with the aid of a walking stick. I persuaded JW to go ashore and spent the afternoon sitting on deck.

He took a few photographs but did not stay long.


Santa Cruz



Trams in Santa Crux

Trams in Santa Cruz


Santa Crux

Santa Cruz





That evening was a theme night – tropical- so all the men were wearing gawdy shirts and the women colourful dresses. We were all given leis to wear to complete the outfits.