Strelitzia (bird of Paradise plant)

Strelitzia (bird of Paradise plant)

Once again we docked early in the morning and it was hot and sunny. My back was easier and after a massage by JW felt ready for a gentle stroll into town to get the “hop on, hop off” bus.
Outside the dock gates is a large shopping mall bearing many familiar names.

We strolled along the promenade to the Parque Santa Catalina where there are numerous cafes,shops and restaurants and is reputed to have a varied nightlife.

We took the bus and were taken around all the main parts of the town from the local sights and out to the wealthy area with its glorious villas to the poorer areas where the little boxy houses cling to the hillside in a precarious fashion.

On the way back to the ship we stopped at a stall on the dock side selling leather goods. It was family business and they were very friendly and helpful. We bought several items and the daughter gave me a small brooch shaped like a dagger, which apparently has significance, but as I don’t speak Spanish and they didn’t speak much English I am not sure what it is.:) I managed to convey that we have a tradition in the UK that if someone gives you a knife you give them a coin so that it does not cut the friendship, so we parted friends!

We left at 6pm for Lanzarote.

(Sorry this episode is out of synch. It should, of course, have been published before Lanzarote, but my technical skills are rather limited!)