I had not realised how long it was since I last posted a blog until JW and Jennie posted their recent blogs.

This year has just flown by. I know that time is supposed to speed up (relatively) as you get older, but this is beyond a joke!

I last posted before Christmas so here is a precis of our activity (or lack of it :)) since then.

We started our Christmas celebrations in November when Jennie and I took her two boys to the theatre to see “Singing in the rain”. I had a slight worry that they might be disappointed with the stage version as they had enjoyed the film so much, but it was an excellent production, and we all had a lovely evening. The boys especially took great delight in real water raining down on the stage and the cast had great fun splashing in the puddles.

We had a traditional family Christmas and E. (the youngest) was old enough this year to appreciate everything.

We were very lucky not to share the devastation of the storms and floods, just the misery of rain and grey skies for what felt like months.

We have not been able to plan any holidays this year as JW had more health problems, so has been availing himself of the NHS again. He has been in twice to the cardiac unit where he has had two lots of stents put in (9 in all). After that he was attending physio twice a week as part of the cardiac rehabillitation. However he now does his exercises at home and will just attend for check-ups. The cancer follow up continues to give good news (PSA still under 0.1%) and he has had the last injection.

We decided that we would explore more of our own country this year, starting with this area. Our first visits of the year were to our local NT property, Tredegar House and gardens. We have been back several times including once when the parkland was almost under water!

I have a list of places and areas to visit, but more of that in future posts.