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It has been some time now since I wrote a blog but I am still here and thought I should make my presence known again.

I hope you all had a Christmas as happy as ours. I suppose ours started a few weeks ago when Jennie and I took Handsome and Cheeky to the theatre to see, “Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat.” We all knew many of the songs from watching the TV programme when they searched for a Joseph, and the story from the bible, but  I didn’t expect so much humour. It is lovely to see the boys enjoying live theatre.

We started Christmas “proper” on Christmas Eve at the carol service and Nativity, where Cheeky was a very sweet and solemn King.

Christmas Day we were invited to the excellent family meal cooked by GG’s brother in law. There were ten of us, from the newest member M, who cast envious eyes at the food we were all enjoying, to the oldest member, uncle P who will soon be 91.

Boxing Day Jennie and co. came round to us for the day. The boys are a delight to give presents to  because they are so appreciative. Cheeky immediately started reading a poem to us from one of the books I gave him and they all played the new board game, (proving that they can enjoy simple things as well as the DS and Lego)

Thursday Jennie took me to see the Russian State ballet perform “Swan Lake” to the accompaniment of the Orchestra of Siberia. The prima ballerina especially was brilliant. It is quite a long time since I went to the ballet so it evoked many memories, going to ballets with my Mother or with  Grandad R, dancing in various concerts. One concert was particularly brought to mind by “Swan Lake”, the Nottingham Festival ballet in 1951. We performed the “Dance of the cygnets”at Wollaton Park in front of the large lake there as the sun went down. It was quite magical.

I saw an article last week which said that large numbers of over 65s spend Christmas alone, so I feel especially blessed that we have our family around us, and I hope that you are all so blessed.