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Now that Jennie is turning into her grandmother and preserving everything in sight, she is getting a bit overwhelmed with marmalade (even when she takes Christmas presents out of the equation) so she asked if I had any bright ideas on how to use it other than on toast! The following is an old recipe which I used a lot when I used to make great batches of cakes. (I try not to make them too much now in the hopes of regaining a waist line 🙂

Jam or Marmalade cake

6ozs margarine

6oz caster sugar

3 eggs

1 tsp lemon juice

8ozs S R flour

3tbsp milk

12ozs jam or marmalade

1) Grease and line 6 1/2″ cake tin or small loaf tin

2) cream fat and sugar

3) Add beaten eggs

4) Add lemon juice and stir in milk and fold in flour

5) mix in jam or marmalade

6) Pour into tin

7) Bake 160c about 1-1 1/2 hours

Hope it still works!


I thought, having written about economical meals, that I should give the occasional recipe (for what it is worth!

I usually keep a supply of basics in the larder and take advantage of special offers in the supermarket when available, eg. tins of tomatoes, condensed soup, tuna fish, pasta, rice, stock cubes, etc

Todays recipe is for Pork and Vegetable bake. It is very adaptable and the vegetables can be varied according to your own taste, or whatever is on special offer at the shop. I used thin pork steaks which were on offer, but you could use belly pork.


1lb thin pork slices

2 large onions

assortment of root veg

2lb potatoes

1pt stock 2-3 oz dried packet stuffing

 about 1 tablespoon mixed herbs (bayleaf, thyme, sage,parsley)

seasoning to taste

If you like apple with pork you can add a cooking apple.


1)  Remove rinds from pork

2) Peel and slice onions, vegetables, apple and potatoes.

3) Arrange potatoes,onions, vegetables, apple in layers in a casserole dish finishing with a layer of potatoes.

4) Season and add herbs, pour over stock

5) Dip pork slices into dried stuffing and place on the top.( To make it more crispy you can dip the slices in beaten egg or milk first.

6) Cook in preheated oven 190c for 20 mins then turn the oven down to 160c for about another hour or until the potatoes are cooked. 

This serves four and can be served on its own or with green vegetables.