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When I saw this lady on the news last week I was full of admiration for her. She is a 75 year old granny from England who retired to Spain with her husband. He died from leukaemia and she decided that she must find an interest so she took up Salsa dancing  and was so successful that it became her main interest. 

After the first feeling of admiration other feelings kicked in. First came shame, because she is five years older than me and so much more energetic and nimble, then came envy and finally came determination!

I had already decided that one of my resolutions this year would be to take regular exercise and seeing this has reinforced that resolve. If I lose some weight and an inch or two around the hips so much the better, but my main aim is to get fitter and increase my stamina, so thank you “Salsa Granny”  for giving me the spur.


When I posted my last blog 2 weeks  ago I was nursing what I thought was a simple sniffle. I was already thinking about my next blog which was to be about New Year Resolution. Top of my list was to get more exercise, partly to get fit and hopefully to lose a few  of the pounds which have crept up on me since we moved to this softer life in Cardiff! The post box is just a few minutes walk away, likewise the bus  stop, not 1/2 mile away as they were in our previous home. I can walk from one side of the garden to the other in a few strides, so don’t get the exercise of trundling my wheelbarrow across 1/2 an acre to get to the compost bin! 

Did I keep the resolution? Well yes and no. I did not do any conventional exercise, but I expended quite a lot of energy coughing! The sniffle developed into a very virulent cold, the worst part of which was the dry hacking cough. We tried all the usual home remedies, honey and lemon, menthol steam inhalations etc. then the patent medicines. Nothing seemed to help and I was worn out with no sleep, and it felt more like the after effects of ‘flu than a cold. We had to postpone the family dinner planned for New Year’s Day. Jennie offered to come over and cook it, but I couldn’t face the thoughts of food and I didn’t want to pass the cold around the family.

Himself was very patient and toured the chemist shops bringing back various medecines  and eventually came back with Potter’s pastilles which worked like magic, and once I started sleeping again I began to feel more human. 

Himself and I have started our daily amble (not up to the power walk yet!) but at least we get a bit of fresh air as we wander across the little green common and round the old village, we even went today in the rain!

Anyway we have started the exercise in a gentle way, maybe we can work it up a bit later 🙂

One nice side effect of  the sickness is that I am 2lbs lighter than I was before Christmas, so it’s not all bad!