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For twenty years we lived on the west coast of Wales in a country bungalow. One of the things I missed most when we moved to the city was the wide variety of wildlife, which entertained us in our large garden.

There were many different birds, from the tiny wren living in the rockery, to the red kites who gave us a daily aerobatic show as they whirled, dived and glided over the field next door.

JW  bought sacks of wild bird food every Autumn and made feeding tables complete with food hoppers, which he fixed in the trees around the house. The birds were used to him refilling these every morning and waited around quite patiently for him to go out. We were amused to see where the saying “pecking order” came from, as they waited patiently for their turns to visit the tables.

Inevitably some of the food fell off the tables and we did get a few strange crops under them! After a short time the pheasants from a neighbouring farmer found the food and eventually they became regular visitors and some even started roosting in our trees, and as soon as JW went into the barn to get their food, they would come running from all corners of the garden.

Of course we don’t see such a large variety of birds now, but a week or two ago we noticed that we had not seen any birds, so he went off and bought bird food and filled the hopper on our one table. Still no birds, so JW tweeted about it and within an hour a bluetit and a robin had arrived and started feeding, so that is why I asked “Do birds tweet?” 🙂